Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | April 22, 2012

World’s Sexiest Fitness Retreats

Strike a (sexy?) pose at The Island has thrown down the gauntlet and developed a list of World’s Sexiest Fitness Retreats. 

I don’t know if these places are necessarily “sexy” (though you’ll feel so good in your own skin, and so happy with your body after a visit, perhaps the word “sexy” does apply.) For me, I’d call the list “Steph’s favorite places and more spots she is dying to visit.” Check out Number 4, for example, The Island Experience (pictured here. I think it’s Daniel, one of the yogis who works there, in the image. Lordy.  I’ve climbed to that peak a few times, and just getting to the top a butt-kicker, let alone doing a “say what?!” Cirque Du Soleil move.) I like it so much I’ve been, um, 4 times!  (Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am an Island Experience addict…)  I’ve also been to Rancho La Puerta (slide 7 in the slideshow) and I can’t give it as rousing an endorsement –  more like an “eh.” I much prefer Green Valley for great hiking. But, hey, folks love it and perhaps it is your dream spot.

For me, any healthy vacation is pretty much a fab vacation. Just taking the time to quiet your mind and to let your muscles do their thing is such a relief and a delight.  I always come back from a fitness week away with bright eyes, glowing skin, a big smile and a better attitude. If happy is sexy, is right on.  So what’s your next feel-good adventure? Any great ideas? I’m thinking Tulum or Machu Picchu, though Utah sure has a gorgeous spots, too.  Gimme a holler – let’s go! xxxooo Steph


  1. What a stunning view to get into a daily fitness routine! Who wouldn’t be inspired to get fit with that? Probably sexy means enticing to do exercise. Indeed the picture is!


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