Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | November 16, 2011

Delish and Nutrish: Ridiculously Tasty Tea

Many moons ago, I visited one of my best friends, Alex McKay, when she was a student at Stanford Law School. Alex is as chic and stylish as you can get, but she is also groovy, so none of us was that surprised when she opted to live in an off-campus super-duper crunchy student-run collective devoted to, and I am not kidding, world peace through vegetarianism.  Still, this was not what I was used to: after all, I had just graduated from U. Penn, surrounded by aspiring Alex. P. Keatons who toiled at the Wharton School of Capitalism, and I thought it was weird that she had to bake bread twice a week to remain in good standing with her new Stanford Sandinista-leaning peers. But then, oh then, I tried their tea. WOW. And right there, a lefty was born.

Alex and me , maybe 13 (!) years ago in Seattle...

It’s not like me to wax rhapsodic about tea but this stuff,  Good Earth Tea,was INSANE.  Loaded with cinnamon, orange peel, peppermint, chamomile, lemongrass AND MORE this sweet black organic tea was so flavorful, every cup was like dessert (which must be a fold in the Matrix  mind game, or something, because let’s get real: IT’S JUST TEA.)  Alex and I locked ourselves in her room and made cup after cup of the (caffeinated) spicy/sweet stuff as we caught up about life and watched the film, Heathers, three times back to back. BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. I bought a package of Good Earth Tea at Alex’s local health food store and brought it back to New York with me so I could have sensory recall of talking to her whenever I brewed a cup. Happy happy. But then my supply ran out and I could not find Good Earth in NYC and that was that. You learn to live with loss and you move on…

So, imagine how happy I was to find Good Earth at Fairway the other day. It is also at Whole Foods. YUM.  GET SOME. It’s a fab as ever. And if you are trying to kick coffee, black tea has half of the caffeine so you’re moving in a good direction. So do yourself a favor: make a pot, and settle in with a good book or better still, a great pal.

... and last year, in D.C. Still close as ever. We can talk for hours and hours, caffeinated or not. She is one of the best people I know.

Ahhhh, heaven.  xxooS


  1. I am having a cup of Good Earth now – thanks for reminding me of the good times AND this delicious tea!


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