Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | August 20, 2014

Daytripper: Gertrude’s Nose Hike

Gertrude's Nose at Lake Minnewaska - Livin' on the Ledge

Gertrude’s Nose at Lake Minnewaska – Livin’ on the Ledge. Photo by the talented Rachna Bhasin


Lake Minnewaska. The most gorgeous start/end point of a hike ever? Got my vote.

Hi people, Yeah, that speck is me. Today I took a great hike in New Paltz, NY – it may be my favorite hike within driving distance of NYC. Specifically, the trail I love is called Gertrude’s Nose in Minnewaska Park and it’s thrilling. After hiking up from a glacial lake, you end up following the rim of a large ledge hanging over a deep/steep ravine.  It’s a wee bit dangerous and my heart was pumping…and I was in heaven.  The rock looks like it was carved without any effort, and evidence of the power of the ice age is all around you. I felt like I was out West instead of in the North East. Round trip, the hike is about 7.5-8 miles, and we were in motion for around 4.5 hours so if you go, bring tons of water, food for energy and a rain jacket just in case…and for sure wear hiking boots. If ever you need good footing, it’s up here on Gerty’s Nose (I, for one, am a huge fan of old school Vasque leathers – such great old friends and they don’t slip.) If you have a hankering for mountain biking, there are trails for days. This park is a gem, and totally worth the $8 entrance fee and 2 hour drive from NYC. I’ve been spending time in the Hudson River area this summer so for me it; was a hop from my house. I’ll post more scouting reports soon. This area is loaded with great outdoor treats. Have fun! xxoo Steph


  1. Top photo is absolutely breathtaking.


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