Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | November 17, 2013

The Perfect Body? Athletes Come in All Shapes and Sizes


Check out this super cool photo essay. It’s  part of a book, “Athlete,” by Howard Schatz, and it illustrates  the various shapes and body types of the world’s best athletes. Such an eye opener. Of course major amounts of skill/magic/training are involved in being a top athlete –  the folks captured by Schatz are Olympians, in fact – but Schatz’s pictures also score a few points for nature in the nature/nurture debate (and perhaps explains just a bit why I’ll never dunk a basketball…) Wow.    It is inspiring to see so many gorgeous, fit bodies that are all so incredibly different.  There’s  no  standard or template or mandate – they all, gigantic or peanut-sized,  laden with ropes of muscles or whippet-thin, are literally – and beautifully- at the top of their game.  Love it.  To see more of Schatz’s incredible images, click here.  Gotta run – off to Zumba to shake what my momma gave me 🙂  xxooo Steph



  1. fascinating! thanks!


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