Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | October 6, 2013

Great New York Cycling Club with Excellent Rides

1276690_10151571093961364_851980457_oWe’re still smiling. The perma-grin  my cycling buddy, Abby Ellin, and I shared were in full effect miles 1-65 of the Escape New York Ride recently. The ride is  an annual event put on by NYCC (the New York Cycle Club) but you don’t have to be a member to participate. I LOVED IT. I am getting more adept at these long organized rides (just did the Montauk Century and the New York Century) and this one was my favorite.  Not only was everyone super nice and helpful ( to the guy who explained how to maneuver  the lock on the air valve on my tires — thank you! Who knew???) but clearly Abby and I stumbled into a community of fellow sporty spices who share the same idea of fun:  a mix of speed, nature, endurance endorphins and chocolate chip cookies. Sign us up. Done.

This ride, which went to Nyack and back via back roads and winding, scenic tangents, was a winner because there was hardly any traffic and the well-marked route was seriously gorgeous.  It was also super low-tech – no train needed, no car, just bike to Grant’s Tomb, sign in and get your map, and go. I may want to move to Piermont or Nyack — both towns are funky gems on the Hudson with an artsy  flavor, and they are both biker favorites.

The New York Cycle Club is only $30/year, and they offer  a range of  rides with leaders every weekend.  In the spring they do a 10 week training course I’m seriously considering – they teach you how to ride with a team, cycling techniques, some light repair tips and on. They test your pace on the first day and group with folks who are the same speed. I hear you need cold weather gear for March but by graduation you’re a warrior.

Have you done any great rides or know of a fab cycling group? Let us know!  xxooSteph


  1. You look amazing. The best part is your beautiful smile. Mom xxxooo


  2. […] sports that inspire you and feel far more like fun than work (for me, that would be ZUMBA, tennis, cycling, yoga with great music to get lost in, hiking…) and finding nutritious foods you actually ENJOY. […]


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