The view from Kilimanjaro and beyond

I am a New York City-dwelling former fashion and fitness magazine editor whose hankering for fitness and travel keeps getting stronger the longer I live here. Part country mouse, part city mouse, I can talk about Gor-Tex rain gear  and the latest mascara with equal authority. This can be confusing at times, for me and for the people in different and disparate areas of my life, but I am taking some time now to set my inner adventure diva free and see where she leads me. See ya high heels, howdy hiking boots. Join me as I walk the walk and find my path. Oh, as for Kilimanjaro, check this out. Ready? Set? Go!


  1. The view from City skyscrapers and jungle mountain tops: Tuck the Mouse? Certainaly, the last thing YOU are is a little mouse!


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