Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | April 27, 2013

Montauk Bike Ride: From Here to Eternity

It’s a tale as old as time. Us humans love epic journeys to push ourselves to really see what we’re about, from Jason and the Argonauts traipsing through a wacky Greek-Mythology All Star obstacle course to Italian trader Marco Polo chilling with the Mongols in the Steppes, way back in the day. Well friends, my time has come. Montauk. By bike. Join me.

Minstrels will write songs about us.


Wackiness from last year’s Ride To Montauk. The fish are biting!

On June 1, rain or shine, I’ll be joining some hearty (crazy?) friends and doing the Ride to Montauk. There are a few distances available, and we’re doing the 108 mile option (if you’re totally nuts, there’s a 150 mile route.)  Along the route, organizers feed you pie, healthier snacks and plenty of water and everyone meets at the end for a great big party by the lighthouse in Montauk which I can image is not very happening as most riders will be nearly comatose by then. The organizers truck your bike back to the city, riders take the train home, you sleep for a few days, and you’re done. Viola. Epic.

Say hello to my little friend, or should I say  new GIANT friend. Gotta take 'er out and let her do her thing!

New toy alert. Say hello to my little friend, or should I say my GIANT friend. Gotta take ‘er out and let her do her thing!

I’ll let you know how it goes…or better still, sign up and say hi! xxoo Steph


  1. I just broke out the bike for the first run of the year! It was an amzing day, but I got some work to do before I can do the 108 lol 😉


    • Such a gorgeous day – great you were out there riding! Can’t lie — 108 miles is a little (a lot!) daunting and I was happy to sign up for the 80 mile option instead, but my friends talked me into the 108 and what can I say, we’ll go slowly, stop often and no doubt will have to provide major pep talks to each other along the way 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


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