Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | August 29, 2013

Hudson Valley Multi-Sport!


               Hallelujah and praise be, we’re in heaven!                           On Big Indian Trail in Phoenicia, NY

I’ve seen the future, and it is…Woodstock? Yes, that’s right, a place you may think peaked in the 70’s with sex, drugs and folk’ n’ roll, is my kind of happening — great biking, fantastic  yoga (you can’t throw a stone without hitting a studio), hikes for days, rafting/tubing/swimming and ridiculous farm to table food that’s making me question my carnivorous past.  (I think it’s a law that every restaurant MUST serve kale.)   See ya, Hamptons – been real, but  I’m feeling groovy.

If you’re going to hang out up here you need a car as towns are spread out and the hills are no joke.  Here are some highlights not to miss – hiking and biking in Lake Minnewaska Park, rafting on the Esopus, hiking in Phoenicia followed by blow-your-mind ridiculous pancakes at Sweet Sue’s (seriously – perfect day –), biking around the Ashoken Reservoir in Kingston, and Jivamukti yoga at the charming and beautiful Euphoria studio in Woodstock.

Happy bike = Happy life. Ashoken Reservoir path has no cars and gorgeous views

Happy bike = Happy life.
Ashoken Reservoir path has no cars and gorgeous views

As I type this I’m eating fantastic sunny side up eggs over polenta and sauteed greens (KALE!, c’mon now, of course) at the Phoenicia Diner, home of the best breakfast food in 3 counties. But for a special treat, book the tasting menu at Fish and Game in Hudson NY – it’s a 6 course dinner that changes every week based on what’s fresh,and it was one of the great meals of my life. Seriously, it’s foodie paradise. Hudson is primo antiquing territory and very happening so put on your favorite ironic glasses and take a stroll before dinner and be sure to wave at all the happy hipsters. My friends and I were joking that we’re cool enough for NYC but perhaps not quite up to edgy par in this town. It’s definitely fun to visit, but I gravitate most towards Woodstock, with its artsy, peacenik Stevie Nicks flavor, but that’s me. I sound like the Chamber of Commerce but there’s truly something for everyone.  This was my first summer in this area and for sure I’ll be back. There’s so much to see and do, from culture to nature to food and style. WOW, Woodstock , I heart you. xxxooooSteph

Croquet anyone? The Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park is lovely inside and out.

Croquet anyone? The Vanderbilt Mansion Museum in Hyde Park is lovely inside and out.

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