Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | July 22, 2012

(I Love) New York Century Bike Tour – great event!

Here’s a heads up for a really fun event: The New York Century Bike Tour, which will take place on Sunday Sept 9 this year.  I’ve done this five borough bike ride before, and it’s a great (GREAT) way to see the Lovely Isles of New York City. Here’s how it works: sign up in advance, tune up your bike or reserve a rental, and bright and early on Sept. 9 meet either in Central Park or Prospect Park for your  journey along NY’s pathways, roads and bays. Up to you if your route is 25, 55, 75 or 100 miles – all are scenic and special. (BTW- this is not the same as the 5 Boro Bike tour, which is in the spring, and is a 40 mile loop. Another fun one -)

Roll down the middle of Broadway in  Manhattan, coast in the center of the Verrazano Bridge, and get a Nathan’s dog at Coney Island as you stock up for the push past the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge – it’s all mapped out for you and it’s FUN.  I am going to do the 75 mile route, I think, but as you can see from the map (above), each longer distance is an extension of the core route so you can decide on the fly if you feel up for a  challenge or would rather take the shorter path that day. From what I remember, there are many water and snack stations along the course (included in the price of signing up) so you don’t need to be laden down carrying fuel to do your thing.  What you’ll need are well-padded bike shorts  – crucial 🙂 , sun block, a helmet, sunglasses, a good attitude, some buddies (or not- make new buddies!) and an appreciation for Gotham City. Easy, no? Join me! Let’s be part of a biker gang.  You’ll be exercising for many hours and not even knowing it as you’ll be entranced by the city and the setting- what’s better than that? Sign up today if you can – the prices go up by a few bucks as of tomorrow. Give me a shout if you’re in.  xxoo! Steph


  1. Im in! coming from SP – BRAZIl


  2. I’ll be there! Starting in Prospect Park. I’m aiming for the 100.


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