Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | October 14, 2020

Anchored Down In Anchorage


Pinup pose in a vintage Wolverine art piece, hand sown by Alaska Natives. I went from cold to toasty in 20 seconds…


Greetings from the great state of Alaska, where the vistas don’t stop and the scale of the nature is big big BIG.  I’m anchored down in Anchorage and thinking – who knew – I may have found my place.  Stranger things have happened during the COVID era, and it helps that  one of my dearest friends grew up here and is a terrific host.

Howdy neighbor.

         WHAT. A. PLACE.

The top of Flattop mountain, a heart pounding hike adjacent to Anchorage

10 minutes from downtown Anchorage…for real

 I’ve needed to make a few adjustments as Anchorage does not mirror my New York life: Walks here  include bear spray and moose  sightings. Weather can change in a  moment, dramatically.  The sun (when it’s out)  is extremely powerful and sunblock is crucial. The air is so clear my lungs practically giggle when I jog.  We eat salmon we or someone we know caught (take that, Fairway.)   But what really takes  my breath away, again and again like I’m a character in Groundhog Day, are the ever-present views of majestic snow-capped mountains.  They are huge. Bigly.  They make my  New England  scrambles look like pebbles.  Sarah Palin may see Russia from her house but I see Denali, and  Fouraker and Sleeping Lady and more. As Cole Porter would sing, “They’re the top…”  How did I get so lucky?

May your vistas leave you breathless. xxSteph


  1. Thanks for this, so inspiring. I went to Alaska via a cruise back in 2010 and always wanted to go back via land.

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