Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | December 31, 2013

Life changer: What do YOU desire?

Alan Watts

This video stopped me cold in my tracks. Take a look (subscribers — click enable links at the top of the email to see the video link…and watch!)  It’s narrated by the popular Eastern philosopher and writer Alan Watts and, at least with me, it strikes a huge chord. As Watts says, “It’s so important to consider this question: ‘What Do I Desire?'” And so…what is your answer to that question? Are you living where you’d like to live? Is your work interesting? Is there a solid dose of happiness in your life? As my mom likes to say, “You only have one life – what are you going to do with it?” These are the questions that are easy to forget to ask as we all get caught up in the daily scramble. That’s one reason I love to “take off” and travel to remote and sometimes wild spots – away from the subways and traffic and deadlines of NYC I have a moment to breathe and the space to think. These trips, even the simplest change of environment,  are so important as they can offer a feeling of sharpness and clarity. Watching this video I am reminded how my publishing mentor Martha Nelson told me to always travel, to always write of my adventures, as I had the ability to inspire. How easy it is to forget one’s spark, how easy it is to forgo passions for quotidian life. And so, this video, and to Alan and Martha and to all who inspire me, thank you for your insight and your kindness and thank you for the reminder.  It’s my pleasure to pass it along. Happy New Year, everyone!     As for me, next big trip will be Laos. How about you???? xxxooo Steph


  1. Next trip: Singing in Ireland and Italy (including Sistine Chapel)!


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