Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | November 9, 2011

Daytripper: Fantastic Sculpture Park outside NYC

Five Swords by Alexander Calder at Storm King Art Center. Gi-normous and inspiring.

I had the most wonderful day on Sunday. My friend, Fina, and I rented a car and drove 55 miles north of NYC to Storm King Art Center, just up the Hudson in Mountainville, NY. What is Storm King, you ask? It is one of the biggest/best sculpture museums in the world, with large scale (LARGE scale) pieces from contemporary artists such as Isamu Noguchi, Andy Goldsworthy, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Richard Serra, David Smith, and on an on, artfully placed among crafted landscapes across 500 acres of meadows, fields and outdoor rooms.

A high point (for me) is Wave Field, an installation by Maya Lin, the artist who created Washington’s Viet Nam memorial. She “sculpted” a field into undulating waves of earth.  Love!

When you’re there, dress warmly as you’ll be outside the entire time, and wear comfy shoes as the place is huge. Basically, it feels like the best hiking trip you’ve ever been on – every corner, every turn, reveals inspiring/gorgeous/HUGE art.  And add the blasts of color from fall foliage and mountains acting as backdrops for these monumental pieces, Fina and I were giggling like maniacs amid the excess of wonderment.  This place is NOT your normal stroll in a park. It…is…heaven. Seriously.

Andy Goldsworthy’s whimsical wall wraps around the trees of Storm King and even takes a dip in the lake. What’s so great about straight lines anyway?

Storm King is a playground for grownups who like art and nature, and it is a contender for the  coveted award, “Steph’s Favorite Place.” Storm King stays open until the end of November so you still have time to go. Bring a picnic and have a long lunch on the lush lawns or just sit or even nap in the shadow of your favorite pieces.  Take it slowly and breathe fresh the air. The space is so huge you’ll never feel the crush of a crowd, which is the antithesis of the usual NY museum experience. I have a feeling a lot of folks don’t know about this place (which is weird as it’s a national treasure) so it’s time to spread the word. Simply put, go!  Here are directions and details. Admission is $12 for adults and parking is free.  xxoo Steph

Hammer time! Me and Menashe Kadishman’s antigravity “Suspended”, 1977.

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