Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | May 5, 2012

Call us “Athletes”: Inspiration of the day.

This video makes me smile because it really shows the shift that has happened with women, especially younger women, and their attitude towards  sports/fitness: instead of living in the self-imposed box of behaving like delicate flowers,  women are allowing themselves to STEP UP and go hard.

In my lifetime, this change  has been really pronounced. As a little girl, I was among the first females to be allowed to play baseball in my local Little League. I was the only girl on my team and the only girl to work her way up  to the part of the system called the “majors.”  It was tough and I was literally heckled by some DADS (“get that girl off the field!”)  I was under serious pressure – girls were supposed to be cheerleaders not players –  and swimming upstream was hard, but I hung on because I wanted to play. I can’t imagine the women in this video having any comprehension of this. It’s not of their world, and that’s progress.  These women are doing their thing and are as strong as they want to be. They are way beyond being apologetic about it as they answer to no one but themselves. Love it.

They – or rather, we – don’t glow when we work out, we sweat. We don’t giggle and defer, we charge.  We don’t hold back, we BRING IT.

And so, to the fella in the gym who recently told me I work out like a man, you got it wrong.  I work out like an athlete.  xxoo Steph


  1. Great post Steph! It reminds of all the women that kick ass every week at The Island Experience (including yourself!). Go ladies, take it back!


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