Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | October 1, 2011

Inspiration: Watch this every day

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This Under Armour for Women video is mesmerizing. Olympian Lindsey Vonn tears it up – insane! – and at first I thought her athleticism was the reason why I felt I could watch this all day long, hitting repeat again and again as if I were hypnotized. But then the light bulb switched  on:  Lindsey’s cool, yes, but it’s the REFRAIN that resonates with me so deeply. It’s  a mantra – I WILL, I WILL protect this house – and it’s clear and genius.
So what is this prayer, this order?  For me, it’s a directive, a powerful reminder, to respect and protect one’s core, mind and body.   The way I hear it,  “this house”  is my;
strength, happiness, enthusiasm,  courage,  athleticism, endurance,  heart,  gumption,  courage, femininity,  will, exuberance,  power,  voice,  fun,  life force, fuel, wisdom, desire, drive, joy, biology, heart, optimism, love, magic… and on. Wow. We can all forget to protect this space as we rush through our lives. Take a moment and think about it. Take a moment to appreciate  the wealth inside you. Take a moment to protect your house.
xoxox Steph

Power athlete Lindsey Vonn also tears it up out of the gym...

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