Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | September 23, 2011

Athleta opens in NYC: Great Gear

Super-cute "Pavitra" yoga top by Athleta

The world’s fastest pick-me-up is buying new adorable workout gear. It may be even better than ice cream (yeah… don’t hold me to that.) I’m happy to say that one of my favorite athletic gear brands, Athleta, has just opened two stores in Manhattan, one on the Upper East Side (85 and Lex) and another on the Upper West (Columbus and 70.) In the finest Lululemon tradition, Athleta stores will offer free classes like Zumba and yoga, and running clubs will meet there before hitting Central Park (check the website for more info.)

This summer I lived in  Athleta’s bikinis, yoga tops, waterproof hats and cotton dresses. Athleta is owned by the GAP so you need to jump on items you like when you see them as their merchandise is here today gone tomorrow.  I buy online at the site and I can always find some cute stuff there (unlike LuluLemon which is ALWAYS cute – with Athleta you need to dig a bit.) Same goes with the stores. Any brands you love we should know about? Do tell! See you (looking cute) in the gym, studio, beach and trails! xxoo S


  1. Are you kidding? I live in the Boston area and am kind of shocked that Athleta *just* opened in Manhattan?! Well, that’s good they have 2 now. Great store!

    I’m not so sure you’ll see me looking cute, however. I recall you’re the one that posted about the great abs, correct? Now that would make me feel like I looked, cute! x


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