Posted by: Stephanie Tuck | April 17, 2010

Lace up your boots and let’s go.

Okay, peeps, here we go. I’m off and running… My plan here is to write about what moves me – what gets me going physically and by extension, spiritually (the two are connected, of course.)  My blog will explore and expand my idea of CORE TRAINING, what sports and athletics do to your core.  I’ll post about my current and recent adventure travels, the gear I’m loving,  the kooky workouts I’m trying, and even the song or songs that are the soundtrack to my day (repeat button – on.)  I love the rush of feeling physically strong and capable and that’s an area a lot of women shy away from. Don’t.  You’re stronger than you think. If I can stay fit and stay psyched, so can you, promise. So feel your heart beat. Join me.

Along those lines, check out this great story from NPR’s Radio Lab about the limits of athletes. One of the people telling her story is Julie Moss, a woman who pretty much crawled across the IronMan finish line. I remember being in high school and watching this finish on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Crrrraaaaazy tale, somewhere between inspiring and truly awful, but well-worth listening to. I am not saying I will ever push myself as far as she did – that was otherworldly – but I do think the limit, the edge, is a personal place for each of us to find. And more than that, hopefully you can learn something about yourself when you get there. Along those lines, I remember learning  – really clearly – in high school what my limit is for alcohol (this was achieved with red Riunite wine.) It wasn’t pretty but I learned volumes about my body’s capacity. But I digress…and hope to continue to digress every time I post. The best stuff is never straight ahead of you. Look to the sides. Look to the edges.


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